Survey of HIV Positive Individuals receiving treatment in Malta

Thank you for your interest in taking part in this confidential survey. It is organised by an HIV subcommittee of MGRM (the Malta LGBTIQ Rights Movement), mapping out the HIV services available locally and helping to identify any gaps or deficiencies. This will hopefully lead to identifying areas where improvement and additional resources need to be provided.

The answers given will remain totally confidential and will be used solely in an aggregated anonymous format.

Most of the questions require a simple YES/NO response, with the scope for some free text input.

Thank you for choosing to take part in this survey.

Prior to the diagnosis of your HIV status, were you aware of PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis) or PREP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) *

Prior to the diagnosis of your HIV status, were you undertaking regular HIV testing in the GU Clinic? *

Were you satisfied with the service/advice from the GU Clinic? *

Were you alone or with a friend/partner/family member when you were first told you were HIV Positive? *

Were you satisfied with the help and support offered to you when you were first diagnosed? *

Are you happy about the level of confidentiality around your diagnosis and treatment? *

Since diagnosis have you received, or are currently receiving any counselling or therapy or psychological support? *

Are you satisfied with your current treatment regime? *

Do you feel well on your current medication? *

Do you consider your physical health to be good currently? *

Do you consider your mental health to be good currently? *

Do you consider yourself to be currently well informed about HIV? *

Are you happy with your current sexual activity? *

Do you have any concerns about your partner/sexual contacts? *

Have you had any problems concerning your work/employment? *

Do you access any welfare payments? *

Have you discussed your HIV status with  close friends/partner/family members? *

Do you have a good level of support in your daily life? *

How do you identify yourself?

Please feel free to write further on any of the above topics or on any issue that concerns you:

Thank you for participating in this survey. 
May we remind you that should you wish to get in touch with MGRM, you do so on or 99255559.

MGRM provides support services to the LGBTIQ community, should you need of professional social support, contact the Rainbow Support Service on or 79430006

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